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hey earthlings

soooo, i've not posted for the longest time possible and just this morning, i received a tweet from a stranger who said she reads my lj and followed my tumblr which both i minimally update. so thanks stranger, this post is dedicated to you. looking at my last public post, it was me promising some JAPAN post??? and i thought it was on my 2013 trip but NO it was my 2011 trip!!! sorry earthlings i shall get to work right now!!!! please do note that this post IS IMAGE-HEAVY. i'll try to not fail in lj-cuts but no guarantee. so sorry earthlings! and forgive me because this trip was so long ago, i'm basing my post on photos and memories instead of just memories because hell, i can't even rmb what i ate for dinner ytd!

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and my next post, hopefully soon, will definitely be on my JAPAN 2013 trip which was some sort of awesome.

coming soon~

ok. so i've started compiling my tokyo photos alrdy. i know it's like what? over a month due? but whatever. i'll just do it for the sake of doing it. and cause i don't have a camera of my own. most pictures are not me-oriented. like not my fav things. not much JE also. sobs!

HSJ Magic Power romaji & kanji lyrics!

i've romanized and provided the kanji of Hey! Say! JUMP Magic Power single!
this time there was more kanji than the hiragana and katakana. it was quite annoying!
but as usual, quite fun to do it!! :)
i shall not do lj cuts! it's real annoying!!

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can't believe it!!! practically 4 more days and i'll be at the airport waiting for my flight to JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!

can't believe it!!! approx 7 more days before i see my awesomess

i can literally jump for joy & scream till my hearts content right now but it's 11:48PM right now over here and i'm not insane so i'm not gonna do that.

i hope i can do a daily post for my trip this time! maybe i should just for safekeeps! it's afterall a rare chance for me!!

should i bring my laptop?? hmmm.. i think i should!


Writer's Block: Saints and sinners

if it's a large sum i'll donate some and keep some. more on the donate part.

if it's a smaller sum, i'll donate all of it.